July 12, 2024

More Rumi:

The five spiritual senses are linked with one another: all

the five have grown from one root.

The strength of one invigorates the others: each becomes a

cupbearer to the rest.

Vision increases the power of speech; the inspired speech

makes vision more penetrating.

Clairvoyance sharpens every sense, so that perception of

the unseen becomes familiar to the all.

When one sheep has jumped over a stream, the whole flock

jump across on each other’s heels.

Drive the sheep, thy senses, to pasture; let them browse in

the verdant meadow of Reality,

That ever sense of thine may become an apostle to others

and lead all their senses into that Paradise;

And then those senses will tell their secret to thine, without

words and without conveying either literal or metaphorical


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