July 24, 2024

Now, I don’t know what side of the fence Bill is on, but let me tell you, Bill is very funny.

My favourite shows are the ones with Jeneanne Garofolo, She is so biting and precise, and so to the point about the truth.

For someone who is quite disgusted with politics in general and specifically America politics, I find Bill’s show to be a refreshing perspective on the shit.

Orlando Jones, a brother I adore, is making me giggle my ass off!!! He is brilliant, because like Bill, he’s showing up these people’s bullshit and in such a sarcastic way, I have to say I love it and him. I wish we got his show in my cable package.

This Ann Filter chick tonight was rabid… it was unbllievable the depths of this woman’s denial.

Tonight’s show was on fire! Bill had me screaming!

I find myself tuning in, quite regularly and I hardly watch episodic television. This is now the third or fourth Friday in a row I’ve made sure to see it.

Cool show.

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