July 16, 2024

My mother relaxes by doing housework. She can’t stand to see a house or an apartment be plain, and although my apartment is pretty, just mostly empty, well she’s been going to town in my apartment.

She dragged me out of the house yesterday morning and–true to her hardware junkie heart–took me to a hardware store to get bricks and wood so we could make book shelves. Then we walked down to the Croisee (pronounced Kwey Zey) which is the commercial heartbeat of the area that I live in, because she had to get an electric fan. See, we discovered that she and I can’t sleep in the same bed, so she just had to rig up something for herself in the living room. All she needed to be comfortable was a fan. I think it’s just an excuse for her to have fun in my living room.

So she’s hung all my pictures and she’s bought rugs and things for room. It’s a sweet infusion of colour and well Mummy’s energy.

She’s out there now snoring away, but I made a huge pot of coffee this morning so no doubt she’ll be up and about in a few minutes.

So now I have an L shaped book shelf in the living room made out of raw wood and bricks — while it may not be a professional job, is quite pretty and in keeping with our habit of using raw materials to create shelving. The bricks are red stone and the wood is a creamy yellow and the contrast is quite nice.

She’s been cooking for real too. On Monday night there was hot food on the stove when I got home, and she stayed up and made me bake and buljol, and it was GOOD!!

Yesterday, on the way back from the Croisee, she bought fresh carrite (fish) and that was waiting for me last night.

What is best of all, is the non-stop conversation and laughter and stories. We’ve been talking about all things, hatching plans and discussing how to execute projects. We’ve been talking about family crises and work related dramas. We’ve giggled over funny people and their funny behaviour.

It’s so nice to have a Mummy. She called me her best friend the night she came, and I realise that although we fight, my mother and my brother ARE my best friends.

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