July 24, 2024

I think my mother is so cool. 

She got here like on Saturday afternoon around four, and she and I talked almost non-stop for almost eight hours. 

It was so lovely…. she was so proud of me in my beautiful apartment, and although I didn’t have any furniture, she loved my stove, my fridge, my bed and my microwave. 

She complimented me on my independence, and never did it seem as sweet, because she really did it with pride on her face and in her voice and it made the whole adventure at least partially worthwhile. The fact that I am actually independent, is of course, the remaining lion’s share of my sense of validation this morning.

Of course, she has me up at a ridiculous hour this morning–SUNDAY morning– making coffee because the coffee machine for whatever reason mystifies her.

This morning, she has already moved the only moveable thing in the house, an empty barrel, into the living room and covered it with excess cloth, so that the pictures in frames that I have lined against one wall, now have a home in one corner of the apartment.

HAHA! I knew she was going to come and find a way to decorate the place…. this is what she does. I am not worried that I will go out to work one morning and come back and find the place completely re-arranged, because, well, mostly I don’t have enough things for her to rearrange and what I do have, all have defined spaces in the apartment.

We are going to visit some friends of the family for lunch this afternoon, although we would both rather lie down and go to sleep.

We have continued the talking, talking, talking…. this is what I miss about my family, we are always discussing something or the other. There is always a running conversation on.

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