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Thanks to Egyptian artists, we know what Nefertiti looked like. But how do you put a face on a vandalized, anonymous mummy that was buried some 3,400 years ago?

Forensic scientists have done just that, re-creating the face of the mummy that Joann Fletcher believes could be the long-lost Nefertiti.

Take a 360-degree tour of the reconstructed face. Does it look anything like artist depictions of the famously beautiful Nefertiti?

This is from Discovery.com


Now what has me pissed off is the way they say the last sentence.

What are they trying to say? That the artist’s depiction of a European-looking woman, is not the face reconstructed from DNA and facial structure? From her very bones and remaining essence in this world?

The woman above is an African. A woman with a noble and beautiful face, and yet, they want to know if she looks ‘famously beautiful. Now that our ancient mother is revealed, and we see the face of an African woman, somehow her beauty is in doubt?


You know, it’s no wonder that the spirits of our Ancestors/Egun, demand and cry out for recognition of who they are, and for the injustices heaped on their most direct descendants. Too many of our African and African descendant brothers and sisters have forgotten who, what and where we come from.

We need to own our beauty, our nobility, our intelligence, and most of all our HISTORY and HERSTORY.

Our mother and beloved Ancestor is a beautiful woman.

May her soul be released from the damnation heaped on her, may her beauty again live and walk the earth. may her descendants be FREE of manufactured racisim for material gains.

Ase! Ase! Ase!

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