July 24, 2024

I am rushing around trying to pack; why did I leave it until the last minute? Tell me nah?!!

Yesterday, all I could think about was getting Tribe Life back to normal as much as possible, and didn’t stop until almost 2 AM. I made some lame attempts, packed up my whites and such. But I used the excuse of having to wash my other clothes as to why I didn’t pack sooner.

I also had to dig out my Barbados business registration details, business cheque books and such, so that in itself was a wild journey through unpacked boxes and bags. I mean, I have not used them since I got to T&T.

I STILL have to go and get enough dog food to last the puppies; a neighbour’s young cousin is going to come and feed them everyday and pick up their shit…. for a fee of course–of which I have already paid him some in advance. He’s a Christian boy, so I am hoping the dogs won’t be bones and fur by the time I reach back. Shit… I am leaving vitamins for them, so cross allyuh fingers oui?!

Wanted to go and pay my bills, but have no time to stand up in lines and so have to make it to the post office to pay them off.

Did I mention the taxi driver is coming for me at 3.30 pm? It’s now 1pm and I haven’t even bathed!!!!

Anyhoo, I am looking forward to my visit. My close friends there and I have already been calling back and forth, and while I am there — work aside — I’ll get a chance to rest and have some fun.

I am procrastinating. Ah going fi handle I business.

Flex is on.

I might blog something tonight, if it’s not too late and I can get a log on thing happening.


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