July 12, 2024

So since I’ve been back in Barbados, my friends have been calling or turning up. You can always tell who your real people are, they’re the ones that make sure to find you.

Of all the visits, I must say, DivaGirl’s arrival before the sun was properly in the sky, has been the most crazy.

I mean, come on, I’m there sleeping hard, hard, hard, and I hear my mother come in the room and call my name, “Hey, DivaGirl is here!” It wasn’t even like 6AM, or it sure didn’t bloody feel like it.

I called out sleepily, “What the fuck is wrong with her Mummy?!”

They both laughed and in she breezed, and after I was ousted from the bed, we had coffee… well I had coffee and she had tea, and we talked for a bit.

But lemme tell ya, that’s Ms. Girl. To the teeth, this is not the first time she has done that to me–dragged me out of my bed to talk–I suppose it won’t be the last. I’m really getting used to it.

Yesterday it was crazilyon, last night, it was monilove23, tonight it was spermy. The phone has not stopped ringing. :sigh:

I still haven’t seen my god daughters, or Oyadele yet, but that is being worked on.

Lord, this is going to be a whirlwing trip! I can feel it.


Already, my mother has dropped a bomb on me. Nothing bad, but told me tonight some AMAZING shit about my ancestors, that made me realise that I the last in a long line of people who fight for what they believe in. It’s like phenomenal. I promised not to tallk about it, but it’s like fucking blowing my mind!

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