July 16, 2024


My vacation began yesterday. I have three weeks of reprieve from my day job.

I’m bracing myself, because I know Barbados is going to be a lot of work too.

Actually, I don’t really take vacations. I work until my body can’t take anymore, then I get sick for two weeks, and then I rest. I know it’s bad, but I’ve been working since I was fifteen, and just have never gotten used to that rest thing like other people. Shit, I hate going to sleep at night if I know Tribe Life is alive, or I’m working on code.

I don’t even watch TV anymore, I just turn it on and listen while I work.

Anyhoo, my ticket is bought and paid for, I booked to leave on Monday night.

Lest you think I won’t be blogging think again. There is an Internet connection, and after all, my UT is one of the owners of Bim’s biggest ISP’s, so there will be no downtime, or lag. I’ll be very much around.

Tonight though, bluey and I are again supposed to prowl into the night… I have two tickets to go to some cruise, but no doubt I’ll have to track down bluey and talk her ass into going.

We’ll see….

I’m just so glad I don’t have to work today or tomorrow in that building. You have no idea…..

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