July 12, 2024

Pilfered from syciano, who ‘borrowed’ this from Dragonbear….

-Finish each sentence-

  • *Let’s walk in the: forest barefoot, and sit next to a river and listen to the world around us, and sing to it all, a song of praise for being.
  • *Let’s run through: open fields in sunflowers and thank God for being in our cells, and being in the cells of flowers, in atoms and in the wind and sunshine. Even if it’s raining, let’s run through it.
  • *Let’s look at the: world in a simple way, a way filled with wonder, learning always, growing always.
  • *Who are those: people that tell us the world is small, and we are alone in the Universe?
  • *What nice: easy, simple roads people take, always afraid of the hard way.
  • *Where did all these: fear-filled angels come from?
  • *When will they: see the phantoms and the illusions
  • *Why is: it that even after the burning and cauterisation of my past, my heart still so open, so filled with love?
  • *Why can’t you: be brave when I am being brave? Why can’t we both be brave?
  • *Why can’t I: believe in the bullshit illusions we live with?
  • *I’ll stay if: you promise to fight the aje with me.
  • *Silly, little: rabbit, don’t you know tricks are for kids?
  • *Show me: the money daddy.
  • *The sky is: not blue.
  • *Tell me: the truth.
  • *Hide me: from nothing. Pull me or push me into the light.
  • *Take: everything, but give me everything and some.
  • *Are you that: brave?
  • *Or are you that: afraid?
  • *I miss: my Boobie (TMG 07/21/91).
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