July 22, 2024

So I’ve not had a cigarette in two days.

I have no tales of withdrawal symptoms, although I am sure that my body is have some. On a mental emotional level, I am all right.

I just had enough. I was using the cigarettes as coping mechanism during the stress and pressure of the last six months.

I guess I just don’t care to use them that way any more.

In my divination last week, I was told to keep courage, that spiritual growth was happening and all this was just the throes of shedding skin, growing new perceptions and ideas.

I am still in the middle of a hurricane, everything about my life still in the process of being transformed, including me.

Whatever the reasons, I just don’t like smoking. I do it when I am very frustrated, and it always makes the frustration worse.

So I quit. Smoked the last one, and haven’t had another one since Friday night.

I have also been making progress with the book I’ve been asked to edit, and feel quite pleased about that.

Tomorrow is the lawyer’s appointment, all of you out there pray for me, because I hope that this works out.

Starting to get itchy, I just want to go back to work! Do something, move forward….

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