July 16, 2024

This was taken from my iwa pele mailing list on YahooGroups:


I must agree with you that God (Olodumare) does not cause people or any creature to suffer for that matter. People make themselves suffer through the bad decisions they make in this existence. By existence I refer to where we are located now. In IFA we call this existence “Aiye” or “the world”. Aiye is not our true home it is but the testing ground. Where we are now exist many tempations (Omo Araiye-small bodies of the world)that test our character and also the Ajogun ( the natural obstacles of this world). In IFA a major evil force ,such as the devil, does not exist. There are forces like the ones mentioned above that were especially created by God itself to test our character. And these forces are not viewed as evil either but as forces that teach lessons and help us grow. These forces are necessary if we are to learn anything in this life (existence). One cannot truly learn unless one passes through challenges and overcomes obstacles.

There would be no point to being here in this world if everything

were easy. We would learn nothing. Ire, Ayodele

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