July 24, 2024

Are you a true Trini? Take this Quiz

1. You’re downtown and a fight breaks out. You have your cell phone. Do

a. Not get involved?
b. Call 911?
c. Call 999?
d. Call your macomere and give a ball-by-ball commentary?

2. You tell a friend “ah coming back jus now”. Do you:

a. Return in five minutes?
b. Return a few hours later?
c. Do not return but call the next day to apologise?
d. Do not return and clean forget about your friend?

3. A friend asks you, “How you going?” You reply:

a. “I am not going anywhere.”
b. “I good”
c. “Not good.” Then proceed to disclose you world of worries.
d. “How you going?”

4. A test is:

a. An examination at the end of a course of study.
b. Cricket.
c. A man who makes you cuss everyday.
d. A woman who “ties up your head.”

5. You see money on the ground and you:

a. Pick it up and carry it to the police.
b. Pick it up and try to find the owner.
c. Pick it up saying, “Finders keepers.”
d. Leave it right there because “it have Obeah on it.”

6. You’re very hungry after the fete. You run into KFC and there is a
long line. You:

a. Wait patiently in the line.
b. Find another source of food.
c. Go home hungry belly.
d. Cuss down the place, shouting “the service too f**king slow.”

7. What is cole?

a. The last name of American Crooner Nat “King” Cole.
b. The thing that comes before slaw.
c. Local word for the common cold.
d. Inefficiency in bed.

8. A friend gives you a hot piece of news. You say:

a. You’re kidding!
b. By golly!
c. Doh talk stupidness nah!
d. Yuh lie!

9. The item you bought is faulty. The store does not want to exchange or

a. You ask for the manager and explain your case calmly and
b. You leave angry and defeated.
c. You report them to Consumer Affairs.
d. You leave angrily telling them that you’re going to tell everybody
you know to stop buying from them and their shop going to close down.

10. Your pet dog’s name is:
a. Duchess
b. Elli
c. Rover
d. The same as the neighbour you fall out with.

If you chose “d” ten times, you deserve the Trinity Cross.

If you chose “d” over seven times, you are a Trini to the bone.

If you chose “b or c” over six times, book a vacation home. You need a

If you chose ”a” more than two times, we are forced to ask, “who you
feel you is?”

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