May 23, 2024

Here is a handy spell to end a relationship. You will need to know your astrology symbols — but most cheap astrology books have them.

1 Get a black piece of paper.

2 On this black paper at the top of it you want to put the signs for Pluto,the Moon, and Saturn, on the paper, in black ink, at the top.

3 At the bottom put a pentagram (five pointed star) upside down, also in black ink.

4 On one side of the star put your birthday, on the other you put your partner’s birthday, also in black ink.

5 Burn the paper. As you do so shout “NAI-KAM-MO”

6 Mail the ashes to the person. (Only do this spell once a week until that person leaves.)

Source: Hoodoo Tradition

syciano, this is a good one to try.

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