May 23, 2024

The walnut bath is a cleansing bath. It has the specific property of assisting in the breaking off of a relationship or any contact with another person. These ties are severed through the use of the walnut . Be sure that you want to end the relationship before you fool around with this bath, for there is no going back when you have done this. The “cutting off” may only be done once in this manner. Many people say they want to end something, only to wish to return to a bad relationship when nothing better comes along. Using a bath has its responsibilities.

Boil six walnuts (unshelled) in an iron pot for about three hours, adding water as required. You can start with a quart of water but more will have to be added in the cooking process. You will end up with a hot black liquid that can be used as a bath after it cools. Mix the liquid in half a tub of water and bathe for 8 minutes, immersing yourself seven times. Pray to end the connection or involvement.

Spiritual Cleansing (A Handbook of Psychic Protection)  by Draja Mickaharic

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