July 24, 2024

I just finished reading an email informing me of the death of one of my schoolmates. He was 27 years-old.

His name was Kregg Nurse, and when I met him, it was from his wheelchair. He had crebral palsy, or some such thing. I remember the first day he came to school, ‘Spoony’ our headmaster, exhorted us to show true Combermerian spirit, and be there to support and welcome Kregg to our school.

Combermere, famous for its school spirit, came through.

I’m sure it must have been difficult for him, but the school as a whole helped him. I was one of those who helped him up and down the stairs, and he flirted outrageously with all his female friends.

He was a life liver. He knew his time was short, and he sucked out all he could out of it.

Here’s the official notice I got:

We have lost Kregg Orville Leslie Nurse at the tender age of 27. He would have been 28 on June 13.

This wonderful young man stood tall as he made us all proud with his determination from his wheelchair, proving that once you have the will and the strong desire to succeed, you will overcome all difficulties. He was warmly welcomed into our Combermerian family at Waterford and accommodated with the greatest understanding. As he progressed through the school, the form rooms were relocated on the ground floor within his reach. He made history and so did our alma mater.

Here was a scholar loved by all. Not because of sympathy for his physical challenges, but because of his general disposition towards life and his caring attitude for the welfare of others around him. He was a model student that went on to the other University at Cave Hill and further qualified with distinction. Up to his time of passing he was an outstanding member of staff at the accounting firm of Ernst Young.

I had the privilege of knowing this fine Barbadian and observing him while he was at school and also socially. I was so proud of the fact that he was able to participate in all the activities that tickled his fancy. He played a strong game of chess. He loved cricket and was a scorer of the game. He would discuss the intricacies of the cricket with passion. He had an equal passion for a party and a good fete. Whenever we held a fund raising cruise on the Harbour Master, or on land, you bet that Kregg was always there and getting loads of attention from his female friends too, much to the envy of some of his peers. We would all look out for him and he would never complain. He enjoyed life within the limitations that had been handed down to him by the Supreme Being.

Kregg attended carnival in Trinidad this year and had a wonderful time, but he has had a seven-year cycle of challenges with his health problems and on this occasion his time with us had come to and end. He has gone to be with his maker where he will surely join the other Combermerians who reached there before him in keeping the everlasting flame burning brightly ever.

To his parents and sorrowing family we in the Combermere family extend our deepest sympathy.


When I read this, I broke down and cried, cried, cried!

There’s a service at the school on Tuesday in Barbados, but I won’t be there to attend.

Kregg, where ever you are, I remember you and will remember you. You will always be my friend.

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