July 24, 2024

You will need:

  1. bees’ honey,
  2. five cinnamon sticks,
  3. three kinds of perfume,
  4. yellow flowers,
  5. the powders “Love Me A Lot” and “For Me,”
  6. a picture of the loved person with his [or her] name and date of birth.  
  7. a bowl of water for making a bath or, better a stream of running water

Pull off the flower petals and toss them into the water, throw in the three perfumes, five cinnamon sticks, a little of the bees’ honey, and the powders “Love Me A Lot” and “For Me.” Take enough of this water for three baths. Beginning on a Saturday, use it in the bath for three consecutive days, with the photo in front of the person bathing. The water can

be strained to clear the flower petals out, and between baths and afterwards, the picture stays in the bedroom.

[Note: If you cannot find the Santeria powders named, you can substitute the hoodoo powders Love Me and Come to Me.]

Source: Lucky Mojo Esoteric Archive

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