July 12, 2024

The long fast is over, and nothing short of what I consider to be an Oscar-worthy performance brought it on.

Young Mr K (Oi! bagospice, remember to add ‘v2’ on yours, so we can keep it straight! lol) came over last night.

Now, for the last two weeks, he’s been so scarce and since last Tuesday, a plain old no show. When he got here last night, you could tell we were both happy to see each other, but at the same time, there was some tension underlying everything.

First off I noticed he had shaved his moustache off. Also, the gym four nights a week has also seen some differences, subtle and overt in his physical body.

Then while we were standing in the doorway, he told me that he hadn’t had a cigarette since last week Wednesday. I pulled him into my arms and kissed him all over his face.

“I’m so proud of you!” I grinned. “Good for you.”

He had been telling me since I stopped smoking six weeks ago that he really admired me for doing it cold turkey, and he said he had wanted to quit for a long time. He had told me if I backslid he would be really disappointed. I haven’t, and he says he got inspired. 🙂 I kissed him and kissed him. I was so proud and don’t even understand why I should feel that.

So once were were in the bedroom, and he finally took a seat next to me on my bed (I have no other furniture but my bed and one straight-backed chair that my fan sits on) we got to talking, y’know?

Turns out, my boy was vex with me. We’ve been both pissed off at each other the last couple of weeks it seems.


“Yes man!” He said laughing. “You getting away with shit nobody else gets away with.”

Turns out he was talking about a slap around the head I delivered the last time he was over here, at a moment when his shit talk was the thickest and such. Of course, the slap wasn’t too hard, and delivered in the spirit of the conversation we were having, but I guess I touched a raw nerve.

“Girl you don’t know how much you brought my feelings up to the surface,” he said. “I was this close! But you know, you can’t hit back a woman.”

“You deserved that slap!” I tossed at him.

“Well like I said, because you get away with that, doesn’t mean you should keep trying it.” He said.

He was laughing when he said it, but if it was enough for him to stay away for days and days, then it must of really grated him, mashed his corns as it were.

Somehow, I always seem to find a way piss guys off in a total, ‘I’m a MAN’ kind of way. Without even being aware of it, or without intending it.

The point is, I told him, “Okay, I don’t have to apologise for smacking you, and you don’t have to apologise for leaving me to suffer for two weeks.”

“What?!!” he burst out laughing. “You are making deals with me? That’s not a fair deal either.”

“It’s quite fair, I don’t know what you’re talking about. No sex, half-assed conversation, no kisses or cuddles for two weeks, and relentless horniness. It’s a fair deal, trust me. You deserved that tap.”

Then like, a major tickling thing went down. I am a pathological tickler’s dream subject, because I have so many spots, underarms, ribs, back of the knee, neck, etc. etc. He is a pathological tickler, and he’s found almost all my spots.

He did tell me there was another reason why he stayed away, but he wouldn’t tell me what it was. He said he’d tell me tomorrow (now today.) I told I wouldn’t forget to ask. We lay there on my bed, cuddled up and our most interesting pastime talking.

“So did you miss me at all?” I asked in a small little voice.

“Yes! But I was determined to be strong!” He said. “Ah wasn”t giving in.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well almost every night, I was there saying to myself, ‘Eh, ah wonder how ndela going?’, then I would be like, ‘no ah not going!’ Tonight I wasn’t even coming here, I was just going to the shop. I wasn’t planning to check ya before tomorrow night, but ah figure ah was going to just check you and make sure you were okay.”

I smiled internally. Allure ladies, it’s allure, that’s what it is.

“Well I definitely missed you!” I declared, and snuggled closer.

We talked and caught up with some shit.

So the gum he was chewing was getting tired, and he pulled it out at one point, seeming to examine it.

“Do you want to throw that away?” I asked.

“No I’m not ready yet,” he replied. “I might stick it up your nose soon though.”

I reacted in pure theatrical mock horror. I poked him a little in the chest, “Oi! You’re mean! You have to say something nice now.”

“Oh god!”

I poked him again, “Say something sweet.”

“Don’t put me on the spot!”

Poke, “Say something sweet!”


Poke, “Say something sweet.”


Poke, “Say something nice about me and honey.”



“You taste good with honey. You remind me of honey actually. The way you look, all golden and yellow and sparkly and shiny. You always have this glow about you.”

I giggled, threw my arms around him and kissed him on his forehead, and on his beautifully bald head.

“See…. that wasn’t so bad.” I laughed.

“So is this the deal now too, every time I say something you think is mean, I have to say something you think is sweet?”

“Yes!” I said. “I think it’s a marvellous deal!”

“For you! Alright, now let me see what else evil I can get away with saying, and what can cancel it out right away.” He replied not quite drolly.

My finger found his ticklish spot, and burrowed deep. Then it was full scale tickling attacks and counterattacks until we were both breathless and I was quartered and had to stop.

He bit me. “Don’t bite!” I pulled out my breast and put my nipple in his mouth, “Here, suck that instead.”

“No, I have to go over the road,” he told me, starting to get up.

I began to pout, because I really, really needed some totie. (For the non-Trinis totie=penis.) It had been two weeks! “But I want some totie! You can’t do this to me.”

“Not tonight baby. Tomorrow night.” He kissed me softly.

“No!” I protested. “Now. I want it now!”

“No baby, not tonight. I have work tomorrow, and if we start now, I won’t leave until after midnight or worse.”

“Well, it could be a little quickie. A short one.” I reasoned.

“No baby,” he said gently but firmly.

My bottom lip went out, and I made a crying face. I put my hand over my eyes, and made sure the bottom lip stayed out.

So he cajoled me, tickled me, pleaded with me. The bottom lip stayed out when I wasn’t giving perfectly logical reasons why he should give me at least something!

“Just you know, put your finger in then.” I pleaded.

“I have no self control. I can’t start something and not finish it,” he said.

I pulled every child-like blackmail antic I could think off; burying my face in my arms, pouting, pretending to cry silently.

“You’re so cute,” he laughed. “But I still have to go home.”

“No!!!” I protested.

“If I put my finger in, you’re going to get all worked up and I’ll be tortured, because I’ll have to go home,” he reasoned.

“No… there’s a certain sensuality in, you know, playing with it, heating up everything and then waiting until tomorrow to finish it off.”

“Why are you so unreasonable?” He asked.

“You’re unreasonable!” I retorted.

Then I pulled out the big guns. “You make me feel unpretty. Aren’t I pretty? Aren’t I sexy? Don’t you want to fuck me and make me come?”

“That is ridiculous! How many men offer you sex on a daily basis?” He asked.

“Oh my god, more than I can count?” I replied.

“So how can you ask me if I think you’re sexy? Don’t be like this baby.”

“Why! Why should I give in, you won’t even compromise. You won’t even give me your finger.”

He started stroking my thigh, “I’m leaving at 9pm.”

I looked at the clock, “It’s 8.40pm, so what are you trying to say?”

We kissed, tongues duelling and my thighs pressed together, while my hips twisted up to meet his hand, trying to delay. He pried them open and silently began to play with my very eager and very grateful kitty.

His fingers alone were working me closer and closer, until I was almost there, just getting ready to go past the point of no return.

He tore himself away from my nipple, and pulled his fingers from my pussy, “Un-fucking-believable. Unbelievable.”

For a minute, I had no idea what was going on, I was so close to cumming.

“I’m still leaving at 9pm,” he declared. He reached behind the bed and got a condom, and I jumped up to turn off the light. I could have turned a cartwheel! Totie for me!!!

“I want you to know this is like a historical event.” He said drily.

I was already lying down again, spreading my legs, my fingers playing with my clit.

“It’s not a ‘Get Into Heaven Free’ card,” he laughed.

“It is for me, baby.” I answered quietly, deadly serious.

He slipped on the condom, sitting up facing towards me, I sat up and slipped into his lap, and onto his cock.

We raced towards our orgasms. I had two, a record low, at least for us, and he waited for me the last time. Afterwards, I kissed him and whispered, “I’m so proud of you for not smoking.”

He laughed, pleased.

It was 9.04pm, and I had almost caught my breath when the phone rang. Someone calling to get some money from me. :sigh: Reality is such an insistent piggy.

As I finished up the conversation on the phone, the shower turned on. I whipped off my T-shirt and joined YMK in the refreshing, cool water. Of course, the conversation kept running as usual.

“So are you going to come back tomorrow and spank my ass?” I asked.

He laughed, and after the cold shower we went back and laid down in the bed for a couple of minutes.

“Don’t think you can try that and it will work every time,” he said.

“I don’t have enough time to try all the tricks I have in my bag on you.” I laughed.

“You didn’t win. I just gave in because, well….” he trailed off. “You didn’t win.”

“No I didn’t win,” I agreed. “I don’t believe that either.”

“I feel like your bitch,” he said.

I laughed again, and rolled over, kissing him and whispering, “You’re not my bitch baby. I don’t think like that about you.”

Inside, I was feeling very strong. He looked at me, said nothing, clearly doubtful about his bitch status.

I have no compunction and did what I had to, to get what I wanted. Am I ruthless? I came, he came. Was I unfair?

Eventually he did get up, pulled on his clothes and went on home, asking me what time I was getting home tonight and said he’d be home around that time as well, and he would come over.

We kissed goodnight, and I watched him until he disappeared behind the leaves of the guava tree that stops me from seeing his front gate. When I heard the faint sounds of the gate, I closed my door, went into my room and fell fast asleep.

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