July 24, 2024

Jesus and the Magdalene were trying to return the Jews to their original spiritual focus, that of balance between male and female, which is their legacy inherited from their Egyptian roots.

The whole dying on the Cross and rising again is a direct re-enactment of the Osiris and Isis 'mythology'.

What is most interesting to me is the Black Madonna cult that has been in existence across Europe from almost the get go. This cult is directly associated with Mary the Magdalene, explicitly and indirectly. Scholars never want to probe this 'Blackness' of the Magdalene either, always glossing it over. However, the Bible does say that Jesus was a man of bronzed skin and woolly hair. So why would his companion be otherwise? Both were initiates in the Egyptian mystery cults.

The continuation of this veneration of Mary the Magdalene is a carry over from Isis worship throughout early Europe at the time.

Incidentally, as a side note modern scientists are tracing the human genome back to one woman, an African woman, in north east Africa about ten or thirteen thousand years ago.

The vilification of Mary Magdalene, and consequently all of womankind was done because Peter (incorrectly claiming to be the rock the Church was built on) hated and FEARED Mary the Magdalene. He questioned Jesus for always ‘kissing her on the mouth’. The washing of Jesus’s feet and drying with the hair is an Egyptian ceremony. The Magdalene was the first to see Jesus after his ‘resurrection’ and recited words known to be Egyptian ritual greetings, almost verbatim from Isis’ lamentation over the dead Osiris.

In truth, those twelve apostles were clueless, because so many times in the bible Jesus made comments, said things they did not understand, and they questioned him and his actions consistently. The self same Peter DENIED Christ three times. Yet he and the other apostles, and their second hand memories, are the people and ideas who went on to shape two thousand years of history, and an organisation that does not admit women and in fact has turned into a woman-hating, child-hating organisation.

One needs to ask one's self, 'Why are women so feared and hated in our societies?'

'Where did the balance between male and female skew, why and how did it happen?'

Let me also add that in no way was the ideology that Jesus put forward 'original' or 'innovative'. He was, interesting enough, recorded as a Jew, but he himself never claimed Judaism. All the miracles he performed were part and parcel of the Egyptian magical schools, and his political ambitions very clear.

I find it interesting that all of this information exists in the world, but that the Church has suppressed much of it. Many shades of the times when the general populace was ignorant and could not read still exist. Reading and study has been bred out of the human race, this is why so many are still kept so ignorant of the history of the world.

Some books to look for:

The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors: Chapter I: Rival Claims of the Saviors by Kersey Graves

The Templar Revelation by Lynne Picknett and Clive Prince

Another interesting book to dig up is: Genesis Revisted by Zecheria Sitchin

I want to add that right now there are eight times as many women in the world as men. I wonder if nature Herself is purposely trying to balance the equation?

Any thoughts?

---- EDIT ---

Here's another comment of mine from the thread:

"If you want to blame a bunch of people for hijacking Christianity for their own gains and worldly power then we will agree. If you want to say the New Testament condones such hate or mistreatment of people then we disagree.

I'm done." From gatecrasher

But the New Testament (most of the Bible) was written by woman haters, and whether Jesus said it or not, they said it, and it is on their word alone that so many of our attitudes to women and children come from.

They were the ones that went on to build this Christian church.

Mind you, the Church fathers purposely supressed many, many documents that didn't serve either their political ambitions or their world view when they convened to regularise the biblical texts. The excluded EVERYTHING that offered any kind of contrast to their attitudes to women and to Jesus and his message.

Even the four gospels consistently contradict each other about what really happened.

So who are you going to believe? You don't even have half of the information that has been suppressed. None of us do. The Vatican sits on it like a bullfrog, the truth buried at the heart of their gilted abode. They've built all that glittering luxury on a lie, and the human race just keeps feeding it.

There is a rabid discussion going on at FeddieCHick’s blog I think any thinking person with an opinion should go have a read on.

I’ve posted some of my own ideas, but child, it’s already 60… with my own 62 comments long.

The argument is about women and how they got to be second class citizens.

Here’s my comment:

saltinecracka… your comment about not being a protected class is incorrect. Are you or are you not a white man?

I admire you for knowing about the Leonardo Last Supper painting. Did you notice that the lady on Jesus’ right and Jesus himself make the shape of an M?

In terms of the whole Jesus/Mary Magdalene theory, not only do I think the evidence to support it is providing many clues as to why the denigration of the Magdalene occured, it’s suggested in the Bible as to why.

The 12 Apostles that Christianity makes so much of were lower level disciples. All of Jesus’ true followers were women, who were the closest to him, in his inner circle and Mary Magdalene was his chief apostle. The Apostle of the Apostles as it were.

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