July 24, 2024

I was cruising JS via my favourites ‘Favourites’ lists, and came across masterofmice‘s blog, and I was reading and looking at things, and found a reference to the former odious OdorOne.

Some of you may or may not be familiar with that whole scene. Like so many JS dramas (we should have a soap opera, ah telling ya, oui?) this one played itself out across dozens of blogs, and was an ‘up in arms’ type deal around here for a few months.

OdorOne, quite self righteously, decided he was going to ‘expose’ bloggers on JS who were posting ‘illicit’ and ‘sexually offensive’ material in their blogs on the grounds it was harming de pickney, dem.

Chile, he had a list… he was going around here and picking people out, and engaging in some real ‘terrorist’ type tactics (although, in this day and age, one has to ever so careful how one uses that word).

Well JS-Admin shit and shut it down, but he just kept creating accounts and went on a proper bender of fatwah-type antics, oui.

Well JS-Admin blocked his IP and well, I can’t say I’ve heard much about this over the last few weeks.

Until today, when I checked out masterofmice’s blog. Seems OdorOne has taken his schtick and his tirade over to geocities.

JournalspaceMembersAllowedToFreelyPostPorn is the title and location, folks. It seems we have a jihad on our hands. (Because stepcorrect pointed it out, and while  I was doing it, I worried about it, I really don’t like linking to this shite, but in truth, I’d need to show you what I’m questioning, and there are strangers around here who have no idea just how daft OdorOne and his crusade were.)

At the bottom of the page he writes:

I’m beginning this site in an effort to spread the word about Journalspace’s nefarious practices and behavior in light of my confronting its management with these serious issues and my filing of an official complaint.

My boy say he filing ting with the US State Attorney General, and shit ya know!

What I just don’t understand is how people can blame us as writers and bloggers, for their failure as parents to monitor their children’s activities.

I jess don’t understand.

Keifel explains it to me

I wonder how the law suit is doing? We’re still here, ent? So he must not have succeeded in mortally wounding JS.

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