July 22, 2024

You can tell I’ve been busy today can’t you? I’m trying to find an Orisa community here in UK, but there is almost no web presence for these organisations. I know they must exist, it’s just there is very little web mention of them. I’m not sure if this is a bad or good thing.

What The Yoruba Believe

  • There is One Supreme God.
  • There is no Devil.
  • Except for the day you were born and the day you are supposed to die there is not a single event in ones life that cannot be forecast and if necessary, changed.
  • Your spirit lives on after death and can reincarnate through blood relatives.
  • You are born with a specific path. Divination serves as a road map to your path.
  • Our ancestors exist and must be honored, respected and consulted.
  • The Orisa (forces of nature) live within us and deal with the affairs of men.
  • You must never initiate harm to another human being or to the universe, which you are apart of.
  • Spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional realms of our existence must all work together and be balanced.
  • Sacrifice guarantees success.

What The Yoruba Reject

  • We are born in sin.
  • The European civilized the African.
  • Jesus Christ is the only way to God.

Source: Cultural Expressions

As much as I am not practising Ifa/Orisa tradition at the moment, I found this quite powerful. I found that I had come to some of these conclusions long before I arrived at Ifa as a way of life, and that the more I explored Ifa/Orisa tradition, I found it gelled with my own ideas about the Universe.

Some fascinating reading on this site, never mind the layout and the hideous black background and green writing.

I’m just copying text and saving to hard drive for easier reading.

Well worth the visit.

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