July 12, 2024

I just cannot stand this house another day! Being in Kent, and because of the lack of money, I’m consistently cooped up in this house. I’ve gone as long as two weeks doing nothing more than going to Tesco’s to get cigarettes and only cigarettes. I jess cyan tek it.

I’m off to Maidstone damnit! I’m going to find the local Odeon and watch Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow! It’s been getting good reviews, and the visuals intrigue me.

It’s a relatively cheap thrill, and I’ll be going alone, but you know, I’ve done that (gone to the cinema alone) more times than I can remember, so it’s not going to effect me much.

I need a break from feeling like a fish out of water here; from dealing with my cousin’s thinly disguised disdain and disregard; and from his girlfriend’s tone and tendency to talk to me like I am fucking SIXTEEN, when she is only two years older than me and can’t fucking balance her cheque book.

I’m off to have a little fun, because I’ve had so little of it since I’ve been in England. I’m taking a break from CV-sending that goes nowhere. I am unchaining myself from this computer that’s running shitty XP, and is slower than molasses in winter (which is just a saying, since I’ve never actually seen molasses in winter, or winter for that matter).

I’m taking a break from all of it, even if it’s just to go watch this movie.

So off I go….

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