July 12, 2024


You will be able to realise a project and this will make you so enthusiastic that you will be able to involve all partners in work in this initiative, which is really nice. In love, you are starting a new phase of changes and consolidation of your relationship.


You will be absolutely determined to have what you want — and nothing less will do. Trying to talk you out of having your way is impossible, but do try to be nice.


Now’s the time to be cagey and take it slow. You might even want to sneak in a little hard-to-get action if you’re feeling sly.


Grumpy undercurrents may lead to fussiness on the home front. Don’t lash out in a temper when what you really want is a hug.



The conscious mind is the editor, and the unconscious mind is the writer.

– David Mamet

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