July 16, 2024

I’m very curious as to how the Bush-ites in America, are going to wish away the American-led team’s report, that there are no weapons of mass destruction to be found anywhere in Iraq.

Could it be that these people will still cling to their hopes of Bush being a ‘leader’ and follow him into hell for another four years.

That’s right darlings, they didn’t find ONE SINGLE SOLITARY weapon of mass destruction, but they’re leaving thousands and thousands of bodies in the wake of their futile search.

Will the American public buy GWB’s ‘war on terra’ bullshit and vote that fucked up regime into power again? It is a regime, a facist, neo-Nazi regime.

Pray. Pray ya’ll. Because if they vote back in that muddacunt, is blow up they blowing up something in America again, oui? Them Muslim and dem not taking dat, doan get tie up!

I am just dying to see the Republican spin doctors make this one into a Michael Moore plot. They so love to say Michael Moore telling lies, but they believe everything that George, son of a former CIA director, says.

Ah just dying to hear what they say. If the last debate was any indication, even George’s attempts to dismiss the allegations of WAR (baby killing, women raping, demoralising, death dealing WAR allyuh) under FALSE FUCKING PRETENSE, are transparent and unbelievably hollow.

But you know, doan let me stop you, oui? Vote for him again man, go ahead. He supports PRO-LIFE like all good Christians do!

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Conan Gray
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