July 22, 2024

A couple of things, the professor called me today and he’s on the case re: finding me some work. He just called to let me know what he’s done so far, and what he plans to do over the next week or so.

It was so good to hear from him; to know he’s still trying to help me, and keeping me in his thoughts. It’s reassuring to know that someone is thinking about me.

On to the other friend thing.

Turns out my Padawan read my blog and got herself into a heated, hot headed vexation after reading about the recent development between YMK and I.

She texted YMK and said, “Liar, Liar pants on fire. There is nothing like a woman’s scorn. What goes around comes around. (K) spelt his name. Hope she does not find out.”

She did it anonymously, but he called her back to find out who it was, and she didn’t respond. Ignored him. Hung up on him. She says he’s called about six times, in five minutes and is currently shaking in his boots, worried about what she said, who it is and who knows his business. She said she eventually spoke to him, but he has no idea who she is (never mind all of us spent a weekend or two liming together) and she’s pissed off. She said her boyfriend threatened to beat him up, and sent me a message telling me he had my back as well.

On the one hand, I have to laugh. Padawan is like that. She believes in her Sugar Mami, you know? (That’s what she calls me.) She’s one of the few girls I know, that if I had to bury a body, I’d call her to help. If I had to go kick someone’s ass, she’s the one I would call. It doesn’t surprise me at all she did something like this, but to say I was expecting it…no, I can’t say that. Padawan is a lot younger than I am, and she has a lot of growing still do, like all of us.

On the other hand, it seems although I have no anger or distress over the situation, no real deep running emotions (or maybe so deep I don’t know where they are inside me) my Padawan has them all for me. I don’t think she regrets it, but now she’s afraid I’m going to get upset. She says she was possessed and real flipping vex when she did it, and knowing her and how her mind operates, I know she did it in defense of me.

She said she won’t let anyone hurt me, or use me and get away with it. I’m sorry for PHG if she runs across her in a dark alley, because that is one dougla girl, small and fine as she is, would cut a man ass. She don’t cool out, you know?

She says she just couldn’t let it go after reading my post in this blog.

:deepsigh: I wonder what he’s thinking right now. On another hand (yes, it’s my third one), I think it might be good for him to feel a little terror; to feel a little cornered. Is that my jealous streak talking? I dunno, again, my emotions about all this aren’t hot; I am for the most part detached. I feel no anger towards either him or her. Maybe it will come later, maybe it’ll never come.

Only your friends fight for you, hear? They’re the ones who fight for you when you don’t want to fight at all.

I don’t intend to turn into a grasping, clingy woman; but there’s a part of me, that always thinks I let men off too easy, and I always seem to find myself in these situations where when given a choice between me, and some innocent, gullible, naive, easily malleable female, they always, always choose the easy road. It’s just too close to last year’s debacle for my liking; truly.

Anyway, I said I wasn’t writing about him for a while. It’s just, you know, who could have predicted this? You don’t make this shit up, this is shit that happens.

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