July 12, 2024

Looking for erotic short stories of sexual encounters with “otherworldly” beings; ghosts, aliens, magical/mystical, paranormal, etc. for an anthology (to be named).  This will be electronically published first and may progress to a print edition.

Stories must be erotic – explicit is fine, but not pornographic, meaning stories must have some substance and plot/storyline aside from the obvious sex.  Also, this is not a collection of horror stories, meant to terrify, but exciting, erotic sex with the ‘unknown’.  Use your imagination!

Unpublished work is preferred.


Submission deadline – October 31, 2004.  Writers will be notified of the status of their stories by November 30, 2004.

Rights –  chosen stories may be reprinted in any magazine, print or electronic, or in a collection of the author’s own work, but *not* to another anthology. (These are the proposed publisher’s requirements, not mine, sorry.  If this changes, contributor’s will be notified.)

Payment – one time payment, whether this remains and ebook or goes to print, of $20 US, as well as author bio promoting novels, website etc.  Payment will be made on publication.

Word count – Preferred length 2,000 to 5,000 words.  Work that is poorly edited or with numerous spelling, punctuation and/or grammatical mistakes will be rejected.

Bio – 50 – 70 words (give or take) and please don’t forget to mention work/website, etc. that you want to promote.

Taboos – The usual; sexual activity involving children, incest, or bestiality.

This anthology will be compiled by Christine Calnin, author of “Addicted to Sex” www.ChristineCalnin.com

Please email submissions to: [email protected]

Source: Erotica Readers Association

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