July 16, 2024

From BBC NEWS | Magazine | So what colour was Jesus?:

First – if the past 2,000 years of Western art were the judge, Jesus would be white, handsome, probably with long hair and an ethereal glow.


BTW: Jesus was decribed as being bronzed in colour with hair like wool. It’s an old joke, but if that’s not the description of a Black man, then I don’t know what is.

Nowhere in the article on the Beeb, does it go into any Biblical descriptions. I for one take many things in the Bible with a grain (or pound or two) of salt, but I do remember reading that description of Jesus.

The only evidence to support Jesus being described as ‘a man of colour’, is based on some scientific research into a skull from the time period.

Bah… All of this was precipitated by the New Nation newspaper declaring the 100 Black Icons, with Jesus topping up the list.

The Beeb article says, “Just as no one will ever produce proof for the existence of God, the question of Jesus’s colour may always be a matter for personal belief.”

Well I suppose that is based on assertions that Jesus was God, and that I simply do not believe. He and his cohorts may have been trying to reenact some elements of Osiris’ story, and were trying to return the Jewish people at the time to their esoteric Egyptian roots, but Jesus was not God. He was a political figure, using a spiritual platform, but he is at best a deified Ancestor.

Mind you, if you (and I mean a general you) want to believe that, then I’m not going to dissuade you.

I have drawn my own conclusions from reading, and re-reading  many historical treatise, and well it’s my perrogative to feel as I like. So I don’t want anybody getting hot and sweaty and accusing me of being an enemy of God.

My most recent foray into this subject of Christ was a fascinating book I’ve pimped in this blog over the last few months, and you can find a link to in my Words & Sounds box in the lower left hand corner of this page, The Templar Revelation: Secret Guardians of the True Identity of Christ.

Again I recommend reading this book, and another “The Sixteen Crucified Christs” by Kersey Graves.

There is nothing original about Jesus. Not even that ‘Son Of God’ claim, and the ‘Rising From The Dead’ business.

And in the wake of his death, he has been turned into something he never intended, and would probably be quite horrified in.

I also believe that the main proponents of this false history, the Catholic Church, know the truth and they can only keep the information secret so long. I think when the truth does come out, many, many people will see the depth of their betrayal at the hands of unscrupulous men and the Great Lie they have sold to the world.

Funny thing is, the question of Jesus’ ethnic origins as well his TRUE message, are even more interesting than the falsities built up around his memory.

Read… there is a great deal of information surfacing because it simply cannot be repressed.

The whole truth is yet to be revealed, but there is enough information out there to begin an education…

The sad thing is, it’s too much work and requires asking too many difficult questions, so most people won’t bother.

They’ll just go on be-LIE-ving anything their told… kind of like Bush supporters, another supposedly divinely ordained leader.

:sigh: The world, the world, the world…. and the people in it. It’s amazing and disturbing to contemplate the level of ignorance and arrogance.

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