July 22, 2024


Who’s got your back? You’ll feel more secure — and hence sexy — if you know you’ve got good people out with you on your explorations. Make sure your posse is with you.

Don’t shy away from expressing your emotional needs in a direct manner. You have the power of your natural boldness; use it!

Laughter, good feelings — okay, and a surprise or two — are on the agenda, along with the possibility of a power struggle. Don’t give in if you know you’re right. This is not the time to back down.



You have to be more organised and meticulous, if you want to deal with your work without uselessly losing time. In love, you will get an invitation, which is quite promising. Tip: do not decline it.



Aries Horoscope for week of October 21, 2004

Verticle Oracle card Aries (March 21-April 19)

I have a good imagination, but it’s difficult for me to wrap my mind around the possibility that anyone besides a white Christian fundamentalist millionaire is planning to vote for George W. Bush in the upcoming election. The man is not only a menace to the environment, women’s rights, healthcare, the economy, science, and the English language, but is also fighting terrorism in all the wrong ways. Still, I refuse to detest him. On the contrary, I send him my blessings. Likewise, though I’m pained by readers who enjoy my horoscopes yet support Bush, I love them just the same. It’s very important for you to apply my approach in the coming weeks, Aries. Do not, under any circumstances, revile the people you disagree with. Keep in mind Booker T. Washington’s view: “I shall allow no man to belittle my soul by making me hate him.”

From Free Will Astrology



Say yes when nobody asked.

– Lao Proverb

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