July 16, 2024

I’m Talkin

[Verse One:]

Nigga, waz up?

You think you tough, I’m fly shit

High as bitch, dope as fuck

Sho nuff I’m guaranteed, no diggities

Fight you like the fucking enemies

You would think there’s fucking ten of me

When I’m sending these

Blows, lows, hoes want to roll like hydro

When I suck Timbaland’s bone like you [barking in the background]

Fido, I go

Scoop Lil’ Kim

Me, she, her, them and him

Gets high in a tunnel

They see my Lexus comin

They hear the bass rumblin

They come quick, they come quick

Like a dick, I make myself sick

I’m so motherfuckin bad to the bone

Like my titties are full blown


My style of rappin, my style

I’m such such a good rapper, I’m such such a good rapper

I give you good and plenty, yeah yeah

My styles the bomb diggy, my style

My style of rappin

I’m such such a good rapper, I’m such a good rapper

I give you good and plenty hmmm hmmm

My style the bomb diggy

[Verse Two:]

I’m calling your cards like Sprint

Can’t be me, can’t see me

I’m low like Timb, ladies and gents

Dogs, cats and babies

Whoever bit my style

I hope you croak from the rabies

Swayze, maybe I call your name

Ain’t that a fucking shame

I’m too high for that

I’m great like the dane

Mane on main

If you decide to put your hands

On my fucking mike

Like the ciggarettes I light

You must burn, you better learn

From the pro

Who rock shows after shows

When it rains it pours

I hurt like the cold souls

My style polishes like nails and toes

You know, know


[Verse Three:]

You beg to be put on like cats

Nigga know who I am

Now you want to sing and dance

You want to shake your stanky ass

Well I’m sorry Sam

God damn, you ain’t family

You hounding me, pounding me

With the same old story

You bore me

Lordy have mercy on all these groupies

Sorry cutie

Why you go and shake your bootie?

Cause there’s only one Lil’ Kim

The triple beam, the misdemean

Nigga queen, whoomp, we Tag Team

So hot we melt like ice cream

Without the dick riding

Dreams of smoking a California blunt

I got the lyrics to make you feel it

What you want nigga?

I’m talking about my style

I am the flyest then RZA now

I’m talking about my style

Let me tell you about Missy’s style


Hey Timbaland be talking more shit

And Lil’ Kim be talking more shit

Da Brat be talking more shit

Busta Rhymes be talking more shit

702 talk shit

And Aaliyah talk shit

Ginuwine be talking more shit

And I be talking more shit

And Total be talking more shit

Maganoo and St. Nick we be talking shit

Jimmy talking shit too

We out

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