July 16, 2024

The rise of abuse and violence against Black women has increased drastically over the last five years.

While many draw attentin to and talk about the atrocities and human rights violations to people in far away lands, limited concern is placed on the lives of Black women right here in the good old USA.

The National Million Woman March Organization (the founding entity and only official organization of the historic Million Woman March) has formulated a Special Commission on Black Women and Violence whos objective  will be to clearly identify both the causes and affects, its eradication, and the necessary holistic (emotional and spiritual) healing.

The MWM Commission on Black Women and Violence will examine and document national statistics regarding reported rapes, beatings, murders, kidnappings, and other related abuses.

One on one, in the community, (in the hood) investigations and interviews will be conducted due to the many incidents/violations that are  often unreported.  The Commsion will also evaluate the number of Black women incarcerated, in shelters, etc. and their ralationship to abuse, drugs, and ecomonics.

A National “Stop The Violence Against Black Women” Kick Off Rally will take place on Sat. May. 7. 2005.

Black Women & Violence (Work and Information) Organizing Conferences will be held starting in Jan 2005.

To join the MWM BW&V Commission, to volunteer on a related Special Project, or to assist in Co-ordinating the National Rally on May 7, 2005 call 215-213-0078, e-mail the Black Women’s Defense Laegue at: [email protected], or the MWM Organization at: [email protected]

Snail mail (postal mail) inquiries should be sent to:


P.O. Box 53668  

Phila. PA 19105

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