July 24, 2024

Folks…. our more weeks and my dramas will be over.

Back at the beginning of January, depressingly ensconced in my cousin’s filthy house in Essex, I realised I had lost touch with a fundamental part of myself. My ability to pray with my whole soul. Since I’ve been in England, I wasn’t do enough of my spiritual work, just trying, trying, trying. More, I felt that I wanted to work with my Ancestors, but felt (wrongly) that I needed to have my own space to do so.

I went down to the seaside often, tears streaming down my face, I poured my heart out to Mama Yemoja all that last week or so I was in Clacton. On New Years Day, I took honey, white cloth soaked in Florida Water for her, and sweets for Baba Esu. I prayed and prayed.

Then a little over two and a half weeks ago, (I think I mentioned it) I went and had a White Bath. (Wizardress I remember you asking what it was. It’s a spiritual bath that cleanses your aura and spiritual self of negativity.)

That same day, I started to work with my Egun. Then they asked me for food; I had to cook for them. They also gave me some guidance on work and looking for work.

I was to the point where, if nothing solid turned up by the end of January, I was going home.

The day after the White Bath, I started putting offerings for my Ancestors, who were happy to take it whereever I was. I just made a little space and started with coffee and fresh water…. made my Mojuba everyday for a week. Then a week and a half ago I cooked for them.

Within 48 hours, I got the call from SocaFM.com, and since then it’s been call after call about work. I literally have had to decide what I can legitimately take on, and what I can’t. Even if the interview yesterday didn’t work out, I would have gotten through at least the next month. Especially since my friend Ms. G was letting me stay in her place for a month, until March 4.

So I went to interview yesterday for the job as a content manager for one of the biggest telecom players in the world.

First off, when I got the call about this gig, I was completely jaded in a way. Since I’ve been in England, the agencies haven’t exactly instilled me with any sense of confidence.

However, I just closed my eyes and talked to the woman, but didn’t expect any kind of response. So it was a bit of a shock when she called me back last week and said that the complany wanted to interview me, I was estatic. I mean, after 400 odd CVs, someone as big and substantial as these guys wanted to see me, right?

It’s been about a week since the agency called, and all the while, I’ve been telling myself not to count on it; not to depend on it happening, to focus on what I had in hand.

I divined with the Ancestors and they continued to guide me. I’ve also continued putting my offerings and chile, yesterday morning they wanted chocolate cake and Bailey’s Irish Cream.

I missed the early train. I was sure I was going to be late, and although I called and let everybody know I was running late, (it wasn’t my fault, they shut down the Bakerloo line and I had to turn back and take a longer route) I was nervous and upset about it.

All the way there in the train, I kept praying for the train to speed up or the clock to slow down. I guess it was a little of both. I got off the train and managed to find a taxi to take me to the offices. Let me first say, this ain’t no ‘office’ the likes of which I am used to. This is a ‘campus’. They’re seven buildings, these people have their own lake fer goodness sakes. Anyway, I signed in on the dot of 1.30pm. (A minor miracle all things considering).

So I did the interview.

As I was getting into the taxi to go back to the train station, the driver asked me if I was alright, and all I could say was, “Yes, at least the worst is over.”

I prepared myself for the wait.

Made my way back to London then across it. I walked into the flat in Charlton exhausted and tired, but hey, home out of the freezing rain, right? I had time to take off my coat, scarf and to flop down on one of the chairs in the kitchen when the phone rang.

It was the agency.

I fucking got the JOB!!!!

What’s more, I’m starting on Monday.

And by the way, it ain’t no monkey money they paying me either. It is a serious piece of corn. It’s almost $3000 more in a week than I made in a whole month at my last job. Not only that, the set allows me to keep a significant amount of that, so my take home pay is very close to what I actually make. No joke….

I am gobsmacked. Seriously so.

The agency told me that they liked my friend, outgoing personality and all my experience was relevant to the position. I mean they called me within three hours of me actually leaving the building, and here I was preparing for weeks of waiting.

So there you are folks.

I still have to keep my part time and freelance gigs for the moment, because I need to get to work all next week and the next four weeks, but after that, it’s all good babies. All good.

Big Mami Is Employed! (Note capitals….)

So right now I am fielding offers of extra work from all over the place. I dunno now how I am going to actually manage, and some people are going to have to be disappointed because there’s just no way to fit all the work currently being offered into a 7 day period and still sleep, feel me?

Big Mami Is Employed! (Note capitals…)

All praise to the Ancestors!!! Blessings, blessings are flowing. MODUPE!!!

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