July 16, 2024

So Saturday, I blissed out sleeping past the sun’s climb into the sky. Don’t let anyone fool you, life is simple pleasures.

First off, being in Fulham is great. I can’t lie. Maybe it’s because it’s the first place I’ve stayed in London where I was actually invited, and Ms. G really wants me to be there, and we’ve been friends for 18 years, or whatever it is, it’s like the sunshine coming up in my life.

First off, I didn’t get down there Friday night until something like 10 or 11PM. I was absolutely wiped out by the time I walked through the door.

As tired as I was though, Ms G had me rolling around on the floor howling with laughter. She is HILARIOUS. From the first day we met she and I have always made each other scream out with laughter. She’s also one of the only friends I have whose personality is so close to mine, add to that we look like we could be sisters….. she’s been one of those friendships I just have never let go of.

From the time I walked in the door, she was like, “Girl, make yourself at home. Don’t study nothing, this is your house, do whatever you like.”

It’s such a marked difference from staying in Charlton where there seemed to daily updates with regards to ‘what we do around here’. So despite the short few days, she’s off to Bim tomorrow and I shall miss her.

I thought about it today, and Ms. G is the first person to invite me to stay at her place, and has been completely open and wonderful about having me there. It’s giving me a warm feeling to know that I am wanted.

On Saturday after she went to Reading to see a relative of hers, I stayed and slept. When I woke up though I went into a serious panic because my travel card was expiring that day and not only did I not have enough money to go meet the Professor regarding a project, I had no idea how I was going to get to work.

I tried for the umpteenth time to get in touch with the reprobate that owes me a weekend’s pay, but with no success. I tried reaching a few friends, but there was nothing they could do, and in a couple of instances I was acutely uncomfotable asking for any help from them. I was just panicking.

I started to cry, unable to contain the stress the last week brought regarding money and how I was getting to work. All of last week, it was my line manager, team manager and the Professor who lent me enough money to get to work (notice I only say ‘to’) and to eat. In fact, everyday last week, I’ve been holding my breath and getting on the 5.15pm train to come home without a ticket. That’s seriously dangerous, as if they catch you doing that they can arrest and fine you for it. So everynight last night my heart was in my throat all the way back to London, and then in my throat worrying about the next day and getting to work.

Well it came to a head last Friday night. As I sat on the platform, waiting for the train, a guy asked if he could buy a cigarette off of me. I told him he didn’t need to do that. (I’d spent that last £2 in my purse to buy those cigarettes, but I didn’t tell him that.) What I told him was that someone had given me a cigarette not two hours before, so I’m just passing the favour on.

We sat there waiting for the train and we talked; we sat down together when the train came and we talked all the way to Thatcham, which is where the ticket checker came into the carriage. I panicked, but this guy, a lovely warm white Aussie guy (kinda cute too) paid for my ticket without a problem. I promised him once I got paid, I would pay him back and he gave me his number, but he told me not to worry about it.

By the time we pulled into Paddington he was asking me about Orisha and Voodoo, and the difference between Black and White magic.

The next day, in tears in Ms. G’s flat, I just didn’t know what to do or who to call.

For some reason though, I packed a green candle and brought my oils with me. I inscribed my name and the amount I needed to see me through this week on it and I dressed the little green candle with Money Drawing oil, tears streaming down my face.

I lit the candle and set it behind the front door and began to pray.

“Baba Esu, I know this is not ideal; I know this is not my house; but I don’t know what else to do but light this candle and plead with you to help me. Help me to get to work next week. I need enough money to get there and to eat. I don’t know what else to do, but I know you can help me. If you can help me, please help me now. Thank you Baba.”

Five minutes later, my mother called me.

When I told her what was happening, first she was annoyed that I didn’t call her and tell her my situation. But I explained to her that I knew her own situation and didn’t want to burden her with mine. Also, I had no money on my cell, or a phone card to call her.

The two of us sat down and thought, thought, thought. Then she sprung into action. Within 15 minutes, two family friends, practically related to us by marriage had called me. One of them, a diplomat up here, told me to stop crying. He was so kind, he told me not to worry, where was I. Turned out he was a mere three miles away and he drove right over and brought me almost twice what I needed and told me not to worry anymore.

Then my mother called me back to tell me she called a friend of hers in Cayman and he was sending me some money as well. In all, it’s much more than I needed. Much, much more.

When all was done and I had the money in hand, I sat down and realised that the candle had not finished burning.

I telling allyuh, Orisha works! Don’t let anybody convince you that our Ancestors did not find power in the natural world. God is a good God and his emissaries the workers of wonders.

I mean, before the candle died, I had more than I required and this week the company and the agency are working to make sure I get paid. So you see… faith, Iyah! Keep faith, and learn how to pray. If your soul is open and you do things in love and peace, believe you me, God and the spirits answer your prayers.

My life in the last year has been a testimony to the power of prayer and the power of the Orishas and Ancestors.


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