July 12, 2024

A couple of nights ago my mother called me. I was so fucking tired and feeling sick, that I burst into tears.

She was a little worried, because she didn’t like to see me ‘strand out’ as they say in Bim.  Now you know mothers, she’s telling me about vitamins and eating fresh fruit and lots of leafy greens to build up my system and then when that didn’t stop the tears she said, “Well, when it gets extra hard, just count the money in your head.

“That way you know the reasons why you’re doing it,” she said in her usual glib manner.

I love my mother, no joke.

That certainly has been helping me to focus on what the fuck I’m doing. Why I’m doing it and all.

All my money dramas from yesterday are now solved. No scenes… everyone’s just been really nice to me, helping me as much as they could.

You know, if nothing else the money makes all this worth it.

I went to look at a flat last night, but it was too hard for me to get there on the bus. Had to get out at Paddington, walk for five ten minutes in the biting cold and then get on one of the bendy buses that are ALWAYS full (I got booted off one). Then it was fifteen minutes on the bus to get there… no, no, no. I’m there picturing the torture of mornings and evenings coming back from work.

That said the house was very nice. It was a 3-storey and right on the canal, it was really nice. The guy who owns the house has some amazing taste too. He had some beautiful old and unusual pieces. A georgeous 100 year old desk, some marvellous brass light fittings, stunning ceramic bowls from Morrocco. The room I would have been renting wasn’t too small either.

Just the transport…. no, no, no. I’m trying to cut my travelling time down to 5 or 6 minutes, not add to what I have had to endure since I got the damn job, oui. Nah, I NEEDS to be five mins away from Paddington on the tube; no more than a few stops away.

Anyway, just getting ready to go eat some bland English food in the cafeteria, while longing for some proper pelau and stew chicken and provisions. Lawd OI! For some sweet potato pie… this ain’t soul food ya’ll.

Damnit, counting the money in my head, oui?

Big Mami out….

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