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Garden Of Perverse: Fairy Tales For Twisted Adults

Edited by M. Christian and Sage Vivant

To be published by Thunder’s Mouth Press in autumn 2006

DUE DATE: November 1, 2005

PAYMENT: $50 originals, $25 reprints

WORD LENGTH: 3,000 to 7,000


Garden of Perverse will have an erotic field day with tales similar to the sweet yet bizarre stories we once heard at bedtime. Remember how confusing some of the motivations of the characters seemed? Even as an adult, you’re not sure why a smart girl with a red hood would wander into the forest alone or what circumstances would force a woman to live in a shoe.

Rather than play with existing tales, though, Garden of Perverse will be a showcase for your delightfully wicked imagination as you create new and wholly original myths and fables.  Although reminiscent in flavor and definitely in style to traditional fairy tales, the stories in this anthology will instead wander into new and unique lands of surreal eroticism, exploring sensual and even fetish dynamics in a diverse scope of fantastic lands, bizarre creatures, and adventures.

We are NOT interested in re-tellings of traditional fairy tales  no Goldilocks, Sleepy Beauty, or Cinderella stories, please!

These will be tales with a more outrageous and thought-provoking approach than any we heard as children.  And as with all good fairy tales, there will always be a lesson to be learned. Here, however, they will be lessons of sex and sexuality in the larger context of life.

Here are some examples of the kind of stories that might appear in this anthology:

· “The Tale of the Three Gold Fishes” speaks of the sensual allure of multi-partner sex in a fluid and liquid style.

· “A Man Who Wanted to Be Wood” is about wild erections and what men will do to get them.

· “The Woman Who Made Love to the Moon” will on the pursuit of the ideal orgasm — but how, like with all good fairy tales, you’d better watch what you wish for.

· “The Tale of the Prince and the Velvet Bodice” will address a member of royalty and the lengths to which he will go to enjoy one very special item of clothing.

· “The Naked Girl” concerns one young lady who simply doesn’t like to wear clothes, which causes her village much consternation — though how they react to her nudity reveals much more about them than it does her naked skin.

This is your chance to tell a whole new fairy tale! If you’re unsure about a story idea you have for this anthology, please feel free to write to Sage ([email protected]) or Chris ([email protected]) to run it by us before you write and/or submit your story.

NO HORROR OR SCIENCE FICTION, please. These books will be marketed to a mainstream audience, so great storytelling is key. Standard porn stories will be rejected.


M. Christian

41 Sutter Street, #1012

San Francisco, CA  94104

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