July 12, 2024






So there it is, my (very) little flat.

The flowers are from my neighbours upstairs.

On Sunday they managed to get locked out of their flat, and they’re on the top floor. They tried every door and either noone was home (unlikely that early on Sunday) or noone would help them. When they got to my door, (I’m #1) they asked if they could use my phone to call the landlord company to get someone to come let them in to their flat.

So I didn’t even answer, just put the phone in their hands.

A couple of nights ago, I was cooking my dinner in the tiny kitchen, and I heard this soft knocking. I ignored it at first, because a) meh nah expect nobody and b) know noone in the building.

There they were, coming in from out, and told me they just wanted to thank me for helping them and then presented my shocked face with this enormous bouquet.

Actually that’s the first time anyone’s ever given me flowers.

Isn’t that just sweet? A cute little Eastern European couple… just lovely.

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