July 22, 2024

Tired and at work. Asked to go home a couple hours early, they said I’d lose half a day’s pay if I did, so I’m sticking it out. Not long to go now.

Finally got paid, so with the help of a good friend (wildegirlmahie) my bitch ass miserable landlord won’t get a chance to change the locks on me. **motherfucker**

My birthday is next week. Think I am going to get that as my day off, so I can really enjoy my day without the stress and hastle of commuting… I hope the sun comes out.

What the fuck is up with English weather? I so understand why they call Barbados ‘Little England’ because Barbados is the only other country I’ve lived in with such schizophrenic weather.

I, who ran from the sun because it was blood boiling, now LONG for the heat of it on my face.

I’ve become so pale… pale, pale, pale like I don’t know what. I have lost my honey glow and am turning into a sallow, yellow thing (although my Bajan and Trini friends will say, I’ve been pale no ass for a long time; all I have to say is allyuh ain’t see me pale unless allyuh see me now, oui?)

Still horny, horny, horny with no end in sight. I knew all that good loving with YMK was going to be a flash in the pan. Now I am definitely in arid sexual country.

But the good news is, I got paid dammnit.


Tired…. so tired.

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