July 24, 2024

So I was wandering through eBay and found this auction: eBay item 5575415872 (Ends 28-Apr-05 23:46:04 BST) – Help me become a Priest of the Orisha Oya.

Hi, I have been chosen by the Orisha twelve years ago to serve them. It was very strange to me as I had almost no knowledge about the tradition. What was told to me is that once I take my Elekes, the spirits etc that were always bothering me would leave me alone.

Today 12 years later, I would say, they show respect. And, when I went to visit the Temple where I was initiated, for a Bembe, Oya came down and claimed me. Telling me I was hers and that I am to be a Priest to her.

That is all good, but to levitate money quickly is a little difficult. But, I know the Orisha will guide me. I own a small business. So, bid on me and there is probably a website, webhosting, content management system, or something else I can do for you.

Maybe a very accurate reading? You can have me petition the Orisha to help you with your everyday life!

So, gift me money and you will be blessed by the Orisha.

I am horrified by this!

Not only does he want to be a priest of Oya, but he’s going to petition the Orishas for help on your behalf? If you give  HIM money, the Orisha will bless you?

What a fraud!!! What a total misrepresentation of the tradition.

I wonder if he divined and was told that that was a good idea.


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