July 16, 2024

It’s so warm in London this afternoon.

My windows are thrown wide open, and the fresh warm air is flowing in. Ah well bussing some soca, so anyone passing on the street getting a cultural lesson… it’s a good thing the blinds are thick, because occasionally there’s some explosions of mad, wild wining going down… that might prove to much for the delicate English palette.

Eh… somebody got shot on my street in a crime of passion last night. I think a woman shot her boyfriend or something, details are quite sketchy… but he’s alive (the dude that got shot). Funny thing is, he got shot four times and I didn’t hear a thing. Apparently my whole street was full of cops last night and I didn’t see or hear a thing, and I was up until 2.30am (playing with iTunes) and this happened at 12.30am. You know, I blame Machel Montano’s, “Craziness”.

Chile, at 12.30am I was in here shamelessly wining down meh flat!!!

I finally got paid the last of my money… and it’s a lot more than I thought it was going to be. Enough to last me three months without having to worry, as long as I squeeze it out and not go crazy. In fact, it’s the most money I’ve had at once since I’ve been in England… a slightly frightening prospect.

Still getting calls, mostly from big brand name multinationals…. this is good… it means having Vodafone on my CV has done much to make me marketable and to command a good salary. Now, the only thing these people have to say to me is that I am too senior for the jobs I am applying for, not that I don’t have enough UK experience.

Mahie wants me to fete this weekend, Monilove wants me to fete this weekend and right now is a serious piece of period cramps in my ass, so me ain’t know. In fact, my money doesn’t clear until Tuesday, so it’s difficult for me to commit to too much money spending.

Even after I get the money, I’m going to have to exercise some restraint. It’s so easy to end up spending it all on shit, rather than saving it and making contingency plans for rainy days.

Right now I don’t need much. I have no ridiculous transport costs to meet, and beyond a few food necessities, I don’t need anything. No clothes… no sho…. no wait, I always need shoes. I doubt I’ll give in to consumerism this time, I MUST, I MUST, I MUST CONSERVE MY MONEY!!!!

Anyway, for now… Machel bussing meh Creative Lab speakers, the sun is out in London (and most importantly one can feel it on the flesh) and while all is not perfect, not having anywhere to go and no one to see, no where to be is quite enjoyable right now.

I wish I had a camera, my little flat is so cute. I have a bouquet of yellow and white flowers on the shrine for my Ancestors… I just feel peaceful. I doubt it will last, but I am enjoying it.

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