July 16, 2024

diasporabetter, oui?Are You Gonna Be My Girl? — JetCheck this out peoples, I made it on the Caribbean Blog List at KnowProse.com. (Well my other blog at least.) Hardly seems worth a blog post, but you know I didn’t even know until I read Georgia’s Caribbean FreeRadio‘s blog post on it.

So is anyone in the Trini Massive online that listens to Caribbean Free Radio? You can’t be Trini and on the Net and not give it a listen. I’ve been blogstalking over there for a few months, and you know I enjoy the podcast. It’s actually the only thing I listened to for a long time, and if it wasn’t for Caribbean Free Radio, podcasting would have passed me right by.

I guess what I find interesting about it is that it’s a slice of home. More than that, quite a few of the people Georgia has featured in her podcasts are folks I know. It’s a blast to listen to them talking about their artforms and there’s an intimacy there that I really dug from my first listen to Caribbean Free Radio (CFR#10-Apr-12-05 3Canal: The B Sides). Hey Georgia, how about an interview with Chris Cozier? Do you think he’d go for it? I know he’s a visual artist, but he’s a cool dude, with ideas man!

In any case, I am a fan and plotting a T-Shirt post as soon as I have money to spend on that kind of stuff. I just love the frog with the iPod logo man….. Georgia also has an interesting photo blog as well. I like getting visuals from all over the Caribbean, all kinds of locales and strata of existence.

I also cannot fail to mention Delphine… ah yes, now this is what I like. To see the face of the Caribbean… even its pot hounds. (Incidentally, I met a young man recently named Delphine. Lives on my street. He ain’t much more than sixteen or seventeen. He helped me home with the groceries a week or so ago. Nice lil fella… has an iPod mini, boy after my own heart.)

Yes Georgia, you’re doing good work… if no one else does (and I know I am not alone) I do!

So I found a good reason for this blog post after all. :hee hee: Keefs says I’m in a good mood.

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