July 24, 2024
  1. Star Trek: Voyager – I always liked that this show always began with a twist… at least most of the time. I think it was best during it’s second, third and fourth seasons and then kind of tapered off. All the same, I adore Janeaway’s character and I really dug the story. My brother and I were addicted to that show. Ai, ya! A job under my belt, DVD boxset in ya ass!
  2. X-Files – Another series I always found watchable. Truth is, some of the episodes creeped me out, but some of them were so clever it was mesmerising.
  3. Dr. Who (Tom Baker) – This was the afternoon MUST BE IN FRONT THE TV AFTER SCHOOL addiction for me and my brother. I think it’s as camp as all hell now, shucks I thought it was camp then, but campy goodness, oh yes! Loved it!!
  4. Twin Peaks – Sunday nights for the whole series, on CBC…. couldn’t miss a single episode!Still want to re-watch it, because I only ever saw it the once on television. Kyle McLachlan was just a joy to watch….
  5. My So-Called Life – Despite it’s brief one season on television, I really dug this show. Maybe it was the point I was at in my life (although I was in my early twenties) I really identified with Angela. Her dramas were like what I went through at that age, and Claire Danes impressed the hell out of me. She channeled that character.
  6. Babylon 5 – To be honest, it took me a while to get into this show. This was mostly because Deep Space Nine was on at the time, and you know I really have a crush on Avery Brooks (such a handsome man :sigh:). But then Deep Space Nine started to bore me, and Babylon 5 started to interest me, and lickety split I was hooked… deep.
  7. Dead Like Me — What a inky comedy about death. Mandy Patinkin was great as the crusty ass hardballed death dude. I laughed my ass off, and TV rarely makes me do that.
  8. 6 Feet Under — Equally great show about death, but not quite as supernatural. Very funny, with some brilliant performances. The writing on this show is also quite good.
  9. Carnivale — More weird twin-peak-esque goodness. This show I did not get to watch every episode.. but of what I saw, I was really into. HBO isn’t really in the UK from what I’ve seen. Neither Sky or Homechoice carry it, and well, I miss it. I really do. God bless DVD boxsets and multi-region DVD players.
  10. nip/tuck — this is my guilty admittance. Not the type of show with characters I would normally find interesting, but somehow it proved to be just that. Even Joely Richardson’s pinched nose, put on American accent and dispproportionately large eyeballs could not distract me from that tan and bright white teeth! I liked the writing too.

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