May 23, 2024


Omi Tutu (Cool water)
Ona Tutu (Freshen my road)
Ile Tutu (Freshen my house)
Ori Tutu (Freshen my head)
Tutu Esu (Refresh Esu)
Tutu Orisa (Refresh the Orisas)
Tutu Egun Mi (Freshen my Ancestors)
Tutu Bobo Egun Ara Orun Tiembelese Oludumare (Freshen all the Ancestors that sit at the feet of Oludumare)
Mojuba Oludumare (I Praise Almighty God)
Mojuba Olorun (I Praise the Sky God who gives us the Sun)
Mojuba Olofi Ayie (I Praise God Who Gave Us The World)
Mojuba Ibae Egun Gbogbo Egun Ibae (I praise the Ancestors)
Mojuba Gbogbo Orisa (I Praise All The Orisha)
Mojuba Baba Alagba Osin Ati Olosin Egbe Egungun Mi (I Praise Father Alagba, Chief Ancestor, Owner of My Place of Worship)
Mojuba Iya Tobi Mi (I Praise the Mother who birthed me)
Mojuba Baba Tobi Mi (I Praise the Father who bore me)
Mojuba Iyalorisa (I praise the mother of Orisa)
Mojuba Babalorisha (I praise the father of Orisha)
Ki Nkan Ma Se (Godmother’s name) (I Praise my God Mother)
Ki Nkan Ma Se (Godfather’s name) (I praise my God Father)
Kosi Ko Iku Ojoji (Never let me die a sudden death)
Kosi Ano (Don’t Let Sickness Take Me)
Kosi Arun (Protect me from sickness)
Kosi Ina (Don’t let passion fixate me, or let me experience fights)
Kosi Eyo (Don’t let obstacles get in my path)
Kosi Idina (Protect me from obstacles)
Kosi Fitibo (Don’t let me be overwhelmed)
Kosi Egba Don’t let me be paralyzed)
Kosi Ofo (Don’t let me experience loss)
Kosi Ese (Don’t let me succumb to evil)
Kosi Akoba (Don’t let sudden change interfere in my life)
Ariku Babawa (Let me not see death Father)
Ariku Iyawa (Let me not see death Mother)

Ase, Ase, Ase!

Ofo Ase, Ofo Ase, Ofo Ase

Iba se ori egun Ìlà arun (Offer to the East)
Iba se ori egun Ìwò arun (Offer to the West)
Iba se ori egun ariwa arun (Offer to the North)
Iba se ori egun gusuu arun (Offer to the South)
Iba se ori egun orun (Offer to HEAVEN)
Iba se ori egun ayie (Offer to Earth)

Iba se….. (call the names of all the Ancestors you can remember and call those whose names you can’t remember but on whose shoulders you stand.)

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