July 12, 2024

DARE — Gorillazmomentsbusy, busyI write to you from what two of my closest friends have recently been disdainfully calling The Morgue.

Me, in solidarity with the brothers and sisters in Iraq and Nigeria who are dying in pointless, greedy game played by oil companies where they exploit the poor and disadvantaged in favour of a dying energy source and a fuel crisis that is not some distant looming future but right flicking now oui, turn off my room’s heater for much of the day and open the window. I do not mind the cold. It just doesn’t bother me, but you should see the two of them when they come here. It’s a in and right back out for sweaters and coats etc. Me, I only turn on the heater to sleep.

Monday I pelted off into Central to take in my passport for an extension in anticipation of a bit of knocking about. I also had to go and see a client to collect some money and perform a brain dump. I also had to go collect a package. That was the plan, but sisters make plans, and God/dess laughs…

Got to the Trinidad Embassy, but the passport section was closed, so had to go to post office to send passport, form and id photo (looked like a mug shot because taken in deadly seriousness in the corridor between the Jubilee Line and The Picadilly Line at Green Park) special delivery. Got to the post office, and the line was out the door, across the sidewalk and winding down the block. In horror, I joined the back of the line and spent the next 35 minutes queueing up British style, with my iPod rocking “Dirty Harry” and the rest of the “Demon Days” set.

I got to Surrey Keys to collect the package (from Hyde Park, oui?) and discovered that the person had departed. Frustrated I hopped a No. 188 and got to Greenwich, to fight a battle with a client regarding payment for the project.

Annoyed no ass, I conducted myself with firm but compelling argument and what was originally a payment split across a week, turned into half today and the balance tomorrow mate, or we going to have a serious problem.

The rest of the week thus far has been spent nose to the grindstone working to finish a project and running around behind other clients. Taran’s recent post, about contracting in a global market was seriously on point about some things.

Wednesday was spent rebuffing all attempts to pry from my desk, and yesterday I met with The Professor for a coffee and a discussion on Open Source tools.

Most of this week has been spent working on client sites though, and taking on two new projects, that should see me though until the end of January. Clients seem fairly pleased with my work, and I am building up a nice portfolio.

Life is still full of stresses and such, but I’m having fewer and fewer moments of despair and depression. And thankfully fewer stomach pains (ostensibly indigestion) due to stress and such. I am buoyed and hopeful, active and proactive and busy no ass.

I leave now to go collect my passport, and to take a sojourn in the country that should last over the Xmas holiday and down into the New Year. I shall be online of course, you know Big Mami does suffer without she pipe, oui? However, this is my last post from The Morgue most likely for the rest of the year. preciousc shall no doubt warm up The Morgue now. All posts shall be from out in the boon docks, but God/dess bless broadband…

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