July 16, 2024

I tell ya, retribution, oui? And exoneration…

Last night I dreamt that I had met this guy. He was super cute, he was mixed race, and tallish, and very very intelligent. He had two kids and we were playing with them and hanging out.

We left them at play park under supervision and he and I went knocking around. I was really into this guy, but hadn’t told him I was pregnant yet. He was however, really sensitive and responsive, and I could tell he was really into me too.

I excused myself and went to a bathroom, that seemed very confused. Some of the toilets weren’t working, there was hardly toilet paper, and there was an assortment of coats hanging on the wall, draped high mostly because there was water all over the floor.

There was a sign on the wall saying, “Take any coat you fancy.”

I went to the bathroom, and while in there I heard someone sniffling.

After I flushed the toilet, I went to see if the person needed help. When I found her, it looked like this girl Kendy was her name, that I went to Girl Guides with as a pre-teen, but who I also fought some serious professional battles with because I was a superior and she was a subordinate, and she felt she didn’t have to adhere to my orders, (but that was years ago.)

She was crying, and I asked her what was wrong. She mournfully told me she was pregnant, but didn’t know what to do.

I kind of waded through some water, and talked to her for a while….

Afterwards, I realised time was flying, because the cute guy was outside waiting on me. I told her I had to go. She encouraged me to take a coat and she said, “Your kindness will save you everytime….”

I took a coat, one with a kind of lion’s ruff all around it, wished her luck and left.

When I got outside, my cutie was talking to my brother who had arrived from somewhere, and he asked me what had taken so long, but he was worried. I told him about the girl in the bathroom… and I think he told me that he had heard about her, and that she was a ghost.

Anyway, later he and I were in my apartment, which for some reason was upstairs in a very plush hotel.

We were in the living room talking, and I may have told him I was pregnant then. He was just about to say something, when the doorbell rang.

I went to answer it, when unceremoniously monilove and preciousc sauntered in. I was shocked, I mean I hadn’t gotten to the door, I was just crossing the kitchen to get to the door. They just opened it and walked in.

They said good evening, or rather preciousc said good evening, and monilove remained sullen (as usual).

I asked them what they wanted.

In fact, they were there to ask me a favour. They wanted me to go and stay in the flat (that I used to share with monilove, and preciousc now does) and open the door for an engineer, because neither of them was going to be there, and they desperately wanted the engineer to come do whatever work was required.

I agreed, but was struggling with myself, thinking I was going to say yes and not go at all, not to do this favour. Because as they were asking, I heard Yemoja talking in my dream-mind, “Do no favours for the unworthy.”

Monilove got up off the floor I think it was, and walked over to the cupboards in my kitchen and started open doors, and pulled out a glass and opened the fridge, and poured herself some water.

I looked on in horror, because really, who did this chit think she was!!!

I’m not sure how it happened, but I asked monilove where the hell she thought she was, and she answered me back, and I started to confront her.

Within seconds, there was a shouting match, and my cutie came outside to find out what was happening. When I told him, he looked at the two girls and said, “Okay, ya’ll got to get out.”

I went right on cussing them both, and they got in some digs, but nothing valid, just empty comments and idle threats that had no weight or truth in them.

I cussed them all the way down the steps of said plush hotel.

My cutie pulled me back inside and said, “I want to be the daddy…”


The next day, I’m downstairs and see there’s this huge convention or gathering or something.

I see that the Guest of Honour is preciousc…. and I go into the room where all these people are gathered and it is hot, hot, hot! The sweat starts to pour off of me.

I grab a cup and start gathering up this sweat.

The announcer is reeling off preciousc’s achievements and saying what a pleasure it is to honour her at this event, and I am disgusted by it.

I kneel on the floor in the centre aisle, and use the sweat in the cup to begin to write out my grievances against preciousc and monilove right there on the red carpet running up the aisle. I write that preciousc is a fraud, a user and a betrayer. And some other shit too.

The sweat has some magical property, because when I write the words, it becomes luminescent
and the words I write with my finger stand out in the semi-dark of the room.

Satisfied, I stand and walk back upstairs without looking back.

The next day, when I come downstairs with my cutie, a half empty conference room reveals people shaking their heads and looking shell shocked.

I wonder what happened, and my cutie walks up the centre aisle and goes to talk to someone he knows, I don’t know who, but when he comes back he says it’s a relative of some sort.

He tells me, that a minute or two after preciousc took the podium to accept her ‘honour’, a squad of cops burst into the room and arrested her on fraud and embezzlement and possible conspiracy to murder charges and monilove is implicated as well.

I can’t help myself, I begin to laugh…. and laugh and laugh.

My cutie and I leave the room, and go out and have fun with our day.

And that’s all I remember.


Now because I have to admit my dreams are prophetic, I won’t say that I don’t have a kind of satisfaction knowing that at some point these girls are going to be exposed for what they are… deceitful, dishonest users and abusers.

Even if my exoneration and retribution comes only on a spiritual level, I have decided to leave this one up to the Kind Spirits who surround me and look out for me.

I will have my say of course (that’s what the sweat on the carpet was about), but ultimately the retribution shall come from somewhere else, outside of me and the repercussions of the terrible callous treatment I received at the hands of monilove and preciousc.

The whole world will see… and it won’t have anything to do with me, all I shall be able to say is: I knew it all along.

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