July 12, 2024

There’s a review of Free, my brother’s first album, posted to Boomtribe.com. Although the review is very short, and lacking in adjectives sufficient to suit me, it is a positive peice and one can’t complain too much. All press is good press one supposes.

Free represents the beauty and influence of the groups Jomo grew up listening to, and there are tones of many of those groups such as Guns and Roses, among others. From the Opening Track “Understanding Joseph”, which is personally my favorite track on the album, Jomo takes you into his world bringing his unique blend of guitar, Caribbean folk, acoustic Guitar, haunting chords and beautiful renditions. “Lingo” is another great track, definitely putting Jomo’s touch of Bajan “shite talk” into his music.

From: BoomTribe :: Music Reviews :: Free

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