July 16, 2024
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lj-mood: ah dey
lj-music: Battlestar Galactica 0113, “Kobol’s Last Gleaming”

So here I am, 39 weeks and last week’s adventure going into hospital made me realise that I was not prepared to go in and have this baby in terms of my hospital bag.

Also, since I am in a Third World hospital, NOTHING is provided for us, so my hospital bag is actually a small overnight suitcase (what’s called #8216carry-on luggage’ for airplanes).

In it I currently have:

3 nighties (cause I may be there a while, not sure)
1 duster (cotton robe for wandering the ward)
3 granny panties
2 nursing bras
20 nursing pads
1 pack maternity pads
1 bar of soap/soap dish
1 tube facial wash
1 Oil of Olay
1 tube hand/body lotion
1 tube of toothpaste
1 toothbrush
1 one roll of toilet paper (cause they don’t provide any in the bathroom)
2 towels
1 sheet (in case I get cold)
1 pkg. facial tissue
ear plugs (cause those women on the public ward make a lot of damn noise and last week it was hell for me to get to sleep)
1 tube lip balm
1 bottle of Limacol (love this stuff)
1 pkg anti-bacterial wipes (for the toilet seats)
1 bottle anti-bacterial no water sanitiser (cause I do not trust the hospital)
1 thermal cup for drinking (no cups are provided)

Babies bag:

2 sleepers
2 onesies
2 vests
2 bibs
2 burp cloths
16 Huggies newborn diapers
1 pack (50 ct.) baby wipes
1 nail clipper
4 prs of socks
1 nasal aspirator
1 bottle baby lotion
1 bottle baby wash
1 bottle baby powder
1 mosquito net (to cover the bassinet so my child doesn’t get eaten by mozzies)
2 prs. baby mittens
1 jar nappy rash cream
1 digital thermometer
1 pr. tweezers
baby washcloths/disposable washcloths
1 changing mat
1 pkg ear buds
2 receiving blankets
2 hooded towels

I think that’s pretty much it. Baby’s bag is done — when I go into the hospital though, I will need to take bottles of water with me, snacks and such, because after the baby is born I’m sure I’ll be hungry and the hospital food is abysmal.

I’m also taking my iPod and my laptop if I can manage it, cause if I’m in there more than a day, I want to watch Battlestar Galactica or a DVD or something — the public ward is deadly boring. I was near tears and I was in there just over 24 hours.

Like I said, it’s a Third World hospital, if you don’t walk with your own comforts you’re liable to be uncomfortable — and I plan to make myself as comfortable as possible,

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