July 16, 2024

Sounds like the title of a sci-fi thingy, don’t it?

Actually what I want to do is start a campaign on 43things, journalspace.com and the internet in general, to get The Robots over at 43things to support the Blogger API.

I don’t know how much cross pollination there is between the two communities, but I really love both sites. Both are part of a very small roster of what I consider to be the stickiest sites I’ve been on in more than a decade of online life.

43things, and the other sites that orbit it (43ideas, 43people, 43places, allconsuming and listofbests) are much fun to traverse and have been for more than a year of using the site.

So this is as much a testimonial for 43things, as it is for journalspace.com.

Ya’ll know I love my JS… I’ve been here for more than three years and have no plans of moving. I have met and made fast friends with a handful of some of the coolest people I know, and I love the community dynamics… the BIG BIG JS Love, the wars, the contests, the vibe… I love it.

I recently have had an opportunity to be involved in the next phase of JS’s life, and I can tell you, I am pleased as punch to see the direction it has gone in. I’ve had a look at many blogging tools and none are as feature-rich as journalspace, and none give you as much control as you could need, or makes it drag and drop easy if that’s what you want. Even a basic account gives you loads of features.

One of the coolest things about having a pro-account though, is the ability to post to your blog from pretty much any tool that talks to the Blogger API. What is the Blogger API, exactly? You can Google it of course, but in short, it is a protocol for posting remotely (from outside the JS interface) to your journal.

Now, while those of us at JS may not believe this, journalspace is not among the most popular blogging sites. I think it has the potential to become that one day, and my voice will always be out here pushing for it’s success. Even though in my humble opinion it’s better than most blogging sites, it’s not the most popular and maybe this is why this is an uphill battle for me. To add to this, the Blogger-API has been deprecated in favour of the Atom API.

The crux of all of this is that 43things allows you to blog from their interface. It’s one of the coolest features of 43things, and one I do use… except it’s quite a roundabout journey. I have to post to my LJ journal (which is really only a mirror of this journal) and then copy and paste back into the goddess room. It’s just a bit of a nuisance, and about three or four clicks too many. When one uses computers as much as I do, saving key strokes is a bit of a mission.

So here’s what I want you (anyone reading this who’s a JS member and/or a 43thinger) to do mates, is register for 43things if you haven’t already, then go to 43ideas and add this goal to your list. The more people who add this to their list either their 43things or their 43ideas, will increase the likelihood of The Robots noticing and taking some action.

I’ve been trying for more than a year to get them to notice this request and implement it. However, with just my voice (loud though it may be) it’s simply not a priority. So help me to make it a priority.

Let’s help get JS the recognition it deserves. It begins with things like this. So help Big Mami out… go and register at 43things, and make this goal a priority.

One last note, once you’re registered at 43things, you’re registered across the 43things universe. Unified logins make it easy for you to hop from one site to the next. Cool huh?

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