July 16, 2024
lj-music: Taken, Ep: 1 Beyond

lj-music: Taken, Ep: 1 “Beyond The Sky”

Chile, I know I owe allyuh a post, oui? However, this last couple of weeks have been crazy!

Dayo had three new teeth emerge, among them his eye teeth (so ya done know it was stress), and one more on the way out. He also has been fighting a nasty cold with a cough, and has now developed yet another case of diaper rash.

What does this mean?

Three new teeth, cold and cough, nappy rash = no fucking sleep whatsoever for Big Mami.

Oh yeah, and in between there I’ve been working my ass off right?

A day last week, Wednesday I think, after I took Dayo to day care, I came home and fell asleep and simply could not move. I slept almost all day! That’s what nearly eighteen months of steady sleep deprivation does to your body mates…

So that’s it. My son has a grand total of seven teeth (almost eight). He’s almost got his whole front grill. After that, I won’t even notice the others. One day I’ll just notice he’s got a mouthful of them. (At least this is what my grandmother assures me.)

He’s also been walking. Did I forget to mention that? He’s holding on and walking around his playpen, the room and what not, but he’s also letting go and taking a few unassisted steps as well. The first time he did it was the day he turned eight months. He’s going to let go for good soon let me tell ya. He’s in a hurry! He’s quick on the knees, and just in a hurry to get big.

It hit me a few days ago, that Dayo has been out longer than he was in, and that in three very short months he’s going to be ONE!!! That kind of blows my mind, I’m not sure I grasp it just yet. For sure my little baby is gone, I got a big baby now. At his Dr.’s appointment last week, he weighed in 19lbs 10oz. I can tell you my arms felt he was at least three lbs heavier, but that’s still a weight to heft.

He’s also very clever… almost too clever. I see him working out things that I think older babies still have trouble with. He’s also extremely gregarious and alas, has a very hard head. I mean that literally. The boy bounces his coconut ALL the time, and he only cries when it was very very hard. Little bounces (of coconut and other parts) he just doesn’t seem to notice, and they don’t break his stride in the least. He’s hardy, you follow me?

He is one of the most active babies I have ever come across. He’s 110% boy too. He just goes and goes and goes until he simply cyan go no more. He tires you out just watching him.

: sigh :

I am still mostly broke. I am not making much money at all, but I really love my work, so I guess that is always the trade off.

I am currently obsessed with sci fi TV old and new. I’ve been watching Twin Peaks, Quantum Leap, Voyager as well as The 4400 and Heroes. To be honest, after a steady diet of Battlestar Galactica for more than a year, it’s kind of nice to be watching other things. I think though I will become obsessed with BSG come October. There’ll be a new two hour episode about the Battlestar Pegasus to look forward to.

I shall have to enjoy this fourth season no matter what, for it is to be the last of Battlestar Galactica. (I mean I understand the ‘why’, but it still breaks my heart.)

At least there’s still Heroes and The 4400 to keep me going until January rolls around. Oh, and I know the script of Happy Feet almost by heart. (My frozen pooch! Kees it! Kees it!)

My flirtation is M.I.A. Haven’t seen him in a couple weeks. I am now disappointed, but I guess absence makes the heart grow fonder or some shit like that.

All in all, life is pretty nice and stable right now. I have nothing exciting to report. Besides new teeth and adventures in diaper rash. And how often do I have to talk about that to be considered one of ‘those mothers’?

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