July 16, 2024
On December 4, 2008 my avvie t

In December Alberik and Boaz gave me a dress for my rezz day by the famed SL designer Eshi Otawara. Little did they know what they started…

Location: Sentience, In-World

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  • Wear that Chocolat du Chambre ma! I’ve got that same dress in dark red and… gold I think. Ummm I’d steer clear of her Chocolate Sin tho… it looked like my booty was out. 🙁

  • You look fabulous! I’ve got a couple of dresses from Chocolat du Chambre… very classy. Ummm I’m not sure how this Chocolate Sin will look on you… but it… looked like my tushy was out in the dress. Just a heads up.

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Conan Gray
353 days ago