July 24, 2024

As usual, I can always find someone writing about Battlestar Galactica who makes a comment that shows me that they are completely in disregard of BSG cannon.

It is definitely going to be a harrowing ride over the next few weeks, as I’m sure we will witness more of the fallout from our beloved Capricans’ shattered dreams. Who will rise to the occasion, pull themselves up by their boot straps, and try to grab onto some hope in this despair? Admiral Adama appears to be on that road after descending into his own pit of darkness. Roslin, after burning what is essentially her Bible, clings to a fragment of plant-life from the barren planet. Who will be shattered, and who will prevail? It will be painful to watch, my friends, but riveting television nonetheless.

[From Battlestar Galactica: Battlestar Galactica: Key Points from “Sometimes a Great Notion”]

My comment in the blog:

Dude, they’re not just Capricans. They come from all over the 12 Colonies..

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  • Ouch! But seriously, I was blown away and impressed with the return episode last week, as Moore & Company quickly resolved the identity of the last Cylon but also gave us a couple of new mysteries to ponder. This week’s episode, though, seemed awfully weak until the very end when you got a classic, kick-@ss Starbuck versus Gaeta argument leading up to the mutiny next week.

  • Yes… Aaron, I thought it was a well written, well executed deeply emotionally resonant episode, and certainly high up on my list of ‘bests’.

    This week was good as well, but the whole think with Felix and Gaeta… I think they did it this way so we could begin to dislike Gaeta (who has been a fan fave). I can tell you, I was with Starbuck and wanted to slap his gimpy ass a few times.

    The whole time I’m like echoing Baltar, “Felix, Felix, what are you doing?”

    I liked Gaeta for a long time, he seemed earnest and sweet, but since the whole stabbing Baltar in the neck thing, he’s been going downhill, and MEAN-SPIRITED.

    How could you not love a bald Roslin, running through the halls, and then up under ya boy Adama, all cuddly and cosy and not giving a shit about the tyllium ship? Come on…

    Maybe not as punchy as last episode, but I understand it ramps right up again next week… and this week was a slight breather.

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