May 23, 2024

(Gerônimo & Vevé Calazans)

Nessa cidade todo mundo é d’Oxum

Homem, menino, menina, mulher

Toda a cidade irradia magia

Presente na água doce

Presente na água salgada

E toda a cidade brilha

In this city we are all Oxum’s

Man, boy, girl, woman

The entire city radiates magic

Present in the sweet water

Present in the salt water

And the entire city shines

Seja tenente ou filho de pescador

Ou importante desembargador

Se der presente é tudo uma coisa só

A força que mora n’água

Não faz distinção de cor

E toda a cidade é d’Oxum

Whether lieutenent or a fisherman’s son

Or an important judge

If a present is given we are all the same

The force that lives in the water

Doesn’t doesn’t distinguish between our colors

And the entire city is Oxum’s…

Lyrics via The Online Guide to Salvador da Bahia, Brazil: FAQs.

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  • very very nice indeed your blog, I am moved by this music that I know so well. please if you can get in touch with me by email. I am in the UK and miss very much orisa’s connections. Blessings on you

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