July 12, 2024

tiananmen-square-massacre-tank-image-400x315Highly inflammatory commentary by BFP on Barbados’ continued acceptance of cash, gifts and labour in exchange for silence and support with UN Votes.

What this article put me in mind of, is an experience I had when working as a journalist in Trinidad. I remember is receiving a letter from the local Chinese Embassy,  informing me I was incorrect in printing articles and photographs celebrating The Republic of Taiwan’s cultural programme in Trinidad. When I raised it with a superior, I was told I needed to be more sensitive to the politics of the situation.

Yeah….. riiighhhtttt.

I have consistently, and whenever possible, raised awareness of the oppression in Tibet, and anything that catches my eye and moves me to write or expose in some way.

So I am not sure, if my silence as a journalist has been bought, and I will continue to speak out about my feelings on any of the things that move me.

BFP’s article is well worth a read, even if I hesitate to whole-hearted endorse all they say. I mean, if Barbados does business with Amerikkka, they’re doing business with human right violators too, right?

That said, I am one of those just a little uncomfortable with how ubiquitous the official Chinese presence in becoming in the Third World, which is being exploited for it’s resources and well pimped for it’s UN votes, just from a different direction.

Something you might want to remember  the next time you’re ummm, sitting in one of those ‘gift buildings’ from the Chinese government.

“I have always found it shameful that Barbados – a nation founded with the assistance of chains, whips, rape and cultural genocide – now so easily supports nations involved in slavery and human rights violations.”

via Tiananmen Square Massacre 20 Years Later: Hugs and Kisses From Barbados As We Trade Our Silence For Cash « Barbados Free Press.

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